One of the things that makes True Mentality different from other places is the TRUE TEAM. With unbelievable energy and support from all members, True Mentality continues to create a team of members who motivate one another in class and outside of class.
Our team EVENTS & SEMINARS help to push people past their perceived limits and ultimately strive to achieve “TRUE SUCCESS”.

TRUEEVENTS | Events outside of our facility

True Mentality believes it is important to stay active and become a part of events within our own community and surrounding areas. Outside of bootcamp we like to bring our members together and participate in events such the 50km Ride for Heart, United Way CN Tower Climb, 5km Run for Breast Cancer and more. Our mission is to pass on our “Strength, Endurance & Confidence” in hopes of changing the world “one pebble at a time.” Our next goal will be to pass on our mission in areas of the world where it is most needed!

TRUESEMINARS | Health & Wellness Experts

Come to one of our many Health & Wellness Expert Seminars. Our yearly seminars feature “Zen Stretch” with Bodhi Batista, the “GET STARTED” Basic Nutrition Seminar, Walk this Way, etc. For more information on our seminars, please contact us!

TRUECHALLENGES | Why are we more successful than others

* We challenge you

* We will NOT let you give up

* You will achieve success!