Well, I would have to say 2015 has been an incredible year. Every year, we are faced with challenges, hurdles and bumps in the road…some tougher than others but no matter where you end up, always remember you are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment. I would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has made this year a huge success not only for True Mentality, but for myself. I have met some of the greatest friends, supporters, teammates, and mentors over the last year and for that, I am beyond thankful. Here’s to a New Year. A Year of MINDSET Training. A year of TRUE SUCCESS. And a year of determining who you are and letting your purpose, passion, focus, and why lead you along the way.

Love to all of you,

2016 Best Year Coming…

RECAP OF 2015 Just a short recap of SOME of the awesome accomplishments and fun times over the year with True Mentality.  Do not be hurt if your  name is not on here. It may be because you had just such a good year…we don’t need to put a recognition beside it…we just remember it.

So many things to be grateful for…

True Mentality Toy Drive- collecting over 200 toys over the holidays and giving back to families in need.

Optimyz Cover Magazine- landing the cover of Optimyz and having the opportunity to share my story…our story.

Utah Adventure- spreading True Mentality across the globe as a SunWarrior Ambassador and bringing True Mentality right to their head-quarters in Utah.

Summer Games-  putting together 6 Teams to compete against one another in light of the 2015 Olympic Summer Games at True Mentality. Congrats to all teams who pushed hard in this event. Thank you to our sponsors for all the fun giveaways our team had to work hard for.

Get Me Started Seminars- literally getting teammates like Tracey Wouters and Kevin Wouters started on a journey they may never have even imagined …and now, 2 of our strongest athletes at True Mentality.

Restorative Event- hosted at True Mentality, what was a spectacular event of restoring the Mind, Body and Breath. Our members took away something so powerful from speaker Bodhi Batista’s lecture- the ability to change their thoughts and use their own breath to heal pain within the body. I also had the privilege of working with Bodhi throughout the year to regain my own physical health I had lost over the years. Thank you Bodhi for your expertise, guidance, support and love.

50km-75km Ride for Heart- true team members completing up to 75km bike ride along DVP raising money for Ride for Heart. Some teammates like Bruce Smith, training to go that extra mile.

Mastering Yoga within our classes- bringing a new element of breathing, stretching and connecting to our body in class has really forced us to step up our game while increasing flexibility, mobility and connectivity to our higher self. i.e Dominating our workout and training skills, like Teammate Bruce Banfield “Supple as a Leopard” 🙂

Babies Being Born! – Moms within our classes going full term and giving birth to their new babies; Max, Daylynn, Benjamin, Carter, Vaughn. Congrats Sarah, Jesse, Robin, Eva, and Leigh. Truly incredible.

FNM- Fitness, Nutrition, and Mentoring Program with Vanier HighSchool. Looking forward to mentoring more student this year!

RogersTV- bringing True Mentality to RogersTV, talking about Finding YOUR Balance on the Local View with Kristen Verschoor-Owens

Sports Therapists and Clinic- connects with True Team members and True Mentality, to bring you the best Sports Therapy. Big things to come with combining two places into one…Hopefully soon! Limiting the drive back and forth for our clients, myself and team.

Introduced instructor Amanda Gazzola- to teach a True Beginner class with fellow teammates shadowing new members on how to goal set, get moving, set foundations and progress gradually with strength, endurance and confidence into our higher level 2016 classes.

Workout Spreads and editorials- in magazines across the country including Inside Fitness Magazine, Canada’s #1 Fitness Magazine.

And, what this year will be all about…

Making New Connections- with friends, sponsors and mentors such as Raw Elements, Treadmill Factory, Rallis Olive Oil, HealtheNut, Photographers (Arsenik Studio, Todd Ellis Photography, and Liana Saadi), Shunyata Yoga (Brian Lang and all the incredible yoga instructors at the studio), the crew at SunWarrior in Utah and of course, my first cover shot with Max Brennan and the entire team at Optimyz Magazine…and many more (please do not hate me if you are not mentioned…I still love you!)

I look forward to a new year of even more incredible things to come…


ps- I would also like to mention the passing of a great inspirer Wayne Dyer. Wayne started it all for me…Wishes Fullfilled holds a special place in my heart and because of that, I would like to open and share word for word the journal entry I had written  on August 30th 2015, after Wayne Dyers passing.

Manifesting Your Dreams to Become Your Reality  ” Tonight is a sad night. I just heard the news of Wayne Dyer passing away. Wayne Dyer has been a huge inspiration to me in my life. Wayne’s incredible way of teaching other how to live up to their dreams is beyond remarkable. To me, he was an author I strived and still am striving to be. Thank you Wayne for sharing your experiences, knowledge, & care with the world. You will be truly missed but 100% never forgotten as I sit here with your “Wishes FullFilled” book. Thank you for giving me the spark to share my story…to use my passion of helping others achieve their dreams. It is beyond sad that you are gone but you , I am sure will be in so many heart’s forever. I know you will be in mine. Thank you, I am finally ready to write my book. Finding your True Mentality.”-  Kasia Sitarz Owner of True Mentality Inc.



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