kasia true mentalityKasia has been in the fitness and health industry for over 10 years, and holds a collection of fitness DVD’s, videos, and published articles on health and wellness, nutrition, strength training, and motivation. Within only a few years, Kasia became a Registered Sports Massage Therapist (RMT), Personal Trainer Specialist (PTS), and president of two successful companies; True Mentality™ Inc. and Body Movement Therapeutics.

Developing her skills at a young age as a competitive athlete, Kasia received the Top Athlete Award during school years and continued her success yearly, placing in over 6 fitness competitions. Kasia currently holds the status of a PRO Fitness and Bikini competitor. Her passion, drive and personality has got her to where she is today- being featured in magazines, as well as a main
instructor on fitness DVDs, and on live TV across North America. Kasia devotes her life to educating people on the importance of a well balanced body -mentally, physically, and spiritually.

My Story

5 years ago I felt on top of the world. I finished school and opened my own Sport Therapy Clinic. In the same year I found my true passion- fitness. I went on to become a Personal Trainer and competed at my first fitness show. I felt unstoppable. That is, until my injury occurred.

In 2009, I started getting severe low back pain. Within just a few months, the pain travelled to my pelvis. Eventually, I lost sensation in my leg, as well as balance, strength, coordination and the worst part, bladder control. Besides a slight herniated disc, doctors had no answers for ALL my symptoms. After trying different therapies and a year of sleepless nights, I became extremely negative and depressed. I started losing everything around me- my business, family and friends.

The doctors suggested that it would be “wise” to quit everything; my career, weight lifting and competing. Hearing the words “I CANT” and “QUIT”, gave me the fuel to get out of rock bottom. I came to the realization that if anything was to change- it had to start with ME and MY energy.

When people ask me “What motivates you? How do you push yourself and not give up?” I simply answer- “Quitting is not an option” I feel so fortunate and grateful for everything and everyone around me- my team of mentors, friends and family. They never gave up on me so how could I ever give up on myself, my passion, my love for “changing the world one pebble at a time”

I overcame my obstacles by creating a balance of mind, breath, exercise, nutrition and goal setting. I have learned that without facing my own challenges, I would not be where I am today. True Mentality would never have been created- a business designed to help inspire others reach their goals and push through anything, even the unimaginable.